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Corrigendum to RFP to the Proposal of 54 ATM-Latest


1. In the commercial bid  , Every bidder should  quote  the break up of prices -Base price (Excluding taxes)  , taxes and total price by including 2 more columns in the commercial sheet   for better clarity and for evaluation (with other price quotes).


2.Network Connectivity: For network connectivity in RFP ,we  mentioned only Vsat . There are two types of Vsat  - Ku band and C band.  

Addition to the above:

Bidder should  quote for C and KU bands  individually in the commercial bid .


3.Site work / TIS cost:  In the RFP, it is mentioned that ACP wall paneling is required  for ATM sites and it is also mentioned that POP& painting for walls are preferred. 

Addition to the above:

Bidder should provide an annexure "cost sheet" with break up of individual line item including cost of ACP paneling as well as POP/Painting cost separately.  

4. A  correction :  <The words in the commercial bid,  - " PART -1" and "Part -A "   are one and the same. 

5. Addition to the RFP: In the commercials, cost of leased line for each leg of connectivity has to be shown separately.

6. Addition to the RFP : The Bank reserves the right to negotiate with the L1 bidder on exceptional circumstances.

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